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# of Listings: 3,390
# of Canon EU Listings: 566
# of Legends Listings: 2,962
# of Characters: 2,449
Character in Most Issues: Darth Vader
Group in Most Issues: Jedi Order
Highest Rated Listing: Zero Hour, Part II
Lowest Rated Listing: Jedi Protector

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Listings Read: 21,022 ListingsRated: 13,081
Listings Read (year): 14,119 Listings Rated (year): 8,722
Listings Read (month): 718 Listings Rated (month): 422
Listings Read (today): 8 Listings Rated (today): 8
Most Read Listings: The Phantom Menace Most Rated Listings: The Phantom Menace
Last Listings Read: Darth Vader #8 Last Listings Rated: Darth Vader #8

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phogbear Says:
Darth Maul (2017) #2: Cad Bane deserves a mini or his own series. If they dropped Maul and just focused on his group I would be happy. They are all more interesting than Maul.
phogbear Says:
Poe Dameron #12: I like the idea of using droids as spies, but I have a hard time with C3PO being a spymaster.
tstarnes Says:
Rise of the Old Masters: The bones of the Jedi is super sad.
tstarnes Says:
Droids in Distress: I have some problems with this episodes.

1) C3P0 & R2 are in the episode, and at the end, it is implied that C3P0 knew about the mission (he knew not to say Organa's name), and yet he called in the Imperials. Didn't make much sense.

2) Sabine claims to be an Imperial Cadet, and the woman buys it, yet she's wearing all but the helmet from Madalorian armor. How was that not noticed?
tstarnes Says:
The Rebellion Begins: I guess for me, the new material didn't add that much to the story or the characters. Mostly, it elicited a shrug of "ok, I guess I've read that now."
Urgat Says:
Darth Maul (2017) #2: Nice introduction of what seems like the (maybe temporary) supporting cast. I already like the android-enhancing little guy! The story is also building up nicely...
tstarnes Says:
Spark of Rebellion: I agree. Through the various books & comics, they've done a good job leading up to this.
tstarnes Says:
Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy: I agree the first half was to much grav ball, and not that interesting, but the second half was much better, and the end was really pretty good.

As Raist said, this was much better than I expected it to be.
Shintetsuken Says:
Poe Dameron #3: So far this series is just OK...not nearly as good as Darth Vader or Star Wars.
Shintetsuken Says:
Star Wars (2015) #27: Nice to see him not being near-invincible for once.
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