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# of Listings: 3,262
# of Canon EU Listings: 452
# of Legends Listings: 2,947
# of Characters: 1,999
Character in Most Issues: Darth Vader
Group in Most Issues: Jedi Order
Highest Rated Listing: Visions and Voices
Lowest Rated Listing: Anakin Skywalker Message 7583

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Listings Read: 16,543 ListingsRated: 10,148
Listings Read (year): 9,288 Listings Rated (year): 5,535
Listings Read (month): 689 Listings Rated (month): 407
Listings Read (today): 1 Listings Rated (today): 0
Most Read Listings: The Phantom Menace Most Rated Listings: The Phantom Menace
Last Listings Read: Princess Leia #2 Last Listings Rated: HoloNet Special Report: Mas Amedda Receives Governor Arihnda Pryce for Lothal Report

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phogbear Says:
HoloNet Special Report: Mas Amedda Receives Governor Arihnda Pryce for Lothal Report: These were pointless and boring.
phogbear Says:
Unfinished Business: Droids don't have eyes.

I like the direction of season 6 with its focus on the clones. I want to know more about the genetic mutations. There had to be more problems with producing the clones then these 2 issues. Just think of all the recalls companies make and you can imagine all sorts of story possibilities.
phogbear Says:
A Distant Echo: We need a Bad Batch Lego set and don't change the ship. That made me laugh.
phogbear Says:
The Bad Batch: Chip malfunctions and genetic mutations are making me forget about banking. Like the focus on the clones.
phogbear Says:
Crystal Crisis: They didn't strap the crystal down?

Is this the same crystal that ends up in the Death Star?
raistlin903 Says:
Thrawn: Thrawn should not be skipped...
raistlin903 Says:
A New Dawn: A New Dawn should not be skipped...
aliensummer Says:
The Big Bang: This story arc would have been so good if they could have finished it. It has some of the best Anakin and Obi-Wan interactions of the entire series. It's a real shame they couldn't have completed season 6.
tstarnes Says:
Revenge of the Sith: That's a somewhat low bar though :)
raistlin903 Says:
Dark Disciple: Dark Disciple should not be skipped...
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