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fragsel Says:
Return of the Great One!: Monopoly? Seriously?
thatsagoodone11 Says:
Empire Day: Like the last episode, this one provides some more backstory. This time, we learn a little more about Ezra's past but he keeps it mysterious enough so we tune in to the next episode, which means we have the first continued story of the series.

The chase sequence is good enough, but there isn't anything that we haven't seen before. There is a five-second moment when the music cuts out and we only hear the sound effects of the transports and speeders hurtling down the highway. I wish they just went with this idea and had an extended chase scene with no music. That would have evoked the films' tone for moments like this.

A note about the music: I clearly hear Marion's Theme (from Indiana Jones) very clearly when Sabine glances over to Ezra and Kanan training in the fields of Jhothal. Even if the show wants to forecast a possible Ezra/Sabine 'ship, using Indiana Jones' music is odd. I also hear Yoda's theme when Ezra goes back to his tower. These themes mean something in the original films (and even the Clone Wars) and I feel like they are being brandished about in this series.

Overall, this is a meaningful episode with good action sequences. I really like that this is continued in the next episode. I miss the two to four episode arcs of the Clone Wars!

thatsagoodone11 Says:
Out of Darkness: I am really digging the approach of the first season in that characters are teaming up (Sabine and Hera in this episode, Zeb and Ezra in a prior one) and pasts are being slowly revealed.

This team up is all about the ladies of the Spectre group. Hera and Sabine show their competence in both air and ground combat here, and the action sequences are all solid. The explosions are nice to look at and the game of creatures coming out only when an asteroid is blocking the sun is a nice touch.

Sabine has been the biggest mystery to this point so far. Ezra and Zeb have been featured a lot and Hera and Kanan were main characters in the novel "A New Dawn," so learning about Sabine's past as an Imperial cadet on Mandalore is welcoming. It felt a bit expositional when she mentions it in conversation, but I still appreciate the gesture.

I also appreciate the conversation of withheld information. I totally understand Sabine's point of view in that the group should be more open with information. I know Hera has a really good point about being captured and "talking," but I think Hera and Kanan should be more honest with their crewmates.

I don't know who "Fulcrum" is, but I saw the voice credit and that might be a spoiler. If you want to keep this a mystery, do not glance at the credits.

thatsagoodone11 Says:
Tarkin: This one took me a LONG time to read. It's about 100 pages shorter than the first Canon novel, A New Dawn, but the very detailed writing style makes this a chore to get through. James Luceno must have a thesaurus handy with him because there are many unnatural words scattered throughout the book. The detail and uncommon verbiage drags everything down and really pumps the brakes in terms of the pacing of the narrative.

As far as the story itself, Tarkin and Vader team up to catch some rebels. Classic stuff but with the caveat that rebel cells are uncommon for this time period. Once Tarkin discovers that Teller and his crew were former Republic supporters, he is a little taken aback. This is set nine years before the first season of Star Wars Rebels, so it is cool to see some of the first people to fight the Empire in meaningful ways. The flashbacks to Tarkin's trials on Eriadu are neat to a point, but this also kills the pacing of the chase that happens in the main narrative. It is a deep dive on Tarkin's character, but it may be too much in that regard.

The book also goes into the bureaucracy of the Empire - the Military Intelligence, the ISB, and the Emperor's Ruling Council. It's all very confusing and I think it gets restructured at the end of the story, so trying to learn how each organization interacts with each other is both a fool's errand and moot. There are plenty of appearances from Imperial characters from the original trilogy, like Tagge and Yularen.

Overall, this one just doesn't do it for me. I enjoy the detailed informative bits about the different ships and events from the Clone Wars but the writing style that presents this information is the novel's downfall. The story isn't compelling enough to overcome the plodding prose.

raistlin903 Says:
Twin Suns: the voice was done by the same guy from both the 2D Clone Wars cartoon on the Legends side and the 3D animated series on the Canon side.... James Arnold Taylor...
raistlin903 Says:
Tarkin: I was expecting a lot from this, but instead I found it very tedious at times....
thatsagoodone11 Says:
Rookies: Because this is the first episode to not feature a Jedi, we get the first real look at what these clone troopers are about. We see their banter and distinct personalities throughout.

The deaths and the utterance of the word "hell" (twice) makes this a little less kid-friendly, but a lot more effective. Not everyone survives in war and the manual detonation shows how far these clones will go to get those clankers.

The eel blood hand print on Echo's armor reminds me of the blood hand print in Episode VII.

raistlin903 Says:
The Honorable Ones: very 'Enemy Mines'..... also noticed there was a Saw Gerrera refrence....
raistlin903 Says:
Homecoming: Little Numa's all grown up.... lol
tstarnes Says:
Homecoming: It was cool seeing Numa grown up but. Hera's dad and the other two go from "I'm going to double cross you to being totally on board with working for you?" after one speech. Felt off.
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