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thatsagoodone11 Says:
HoloNet News Special Report: Lothal Jobless Rates Hit All-time Low: The Empire is a boon to the economy!

thatsagoodone11 Says:
HoloNet News Report: Wookiee Revolt Quelled on Kashyyyk: Not a lot to go off of but picking out the words, Alton Kastle uses the word "brave" when discussing the Imperial General and talks about the citizens' safety being the Empire's concern. It is interesting to see how the media operated during the time of the Rebellion.

thatsagoodone11 Says:
HoloNet News Report: Imperial Registration Program: The video is less than a minute but does paint a good picture of how the Empire takes control of a planet. However, I have yet to feel anticipation for watching Star Wars Rebels.

thatsagoodone11 Says:
One Thousand Levels Down: This is the street level view of the aftermath of the destruction of Alderaan taking place on Coruscant. All of the varying levels shows just how big and vertical the city is. The two characters didn't capture my attention too much, but it is still cool to see how the events of the films impact the everyday citizens.

I like the overall message that in times of turmoil, people band together. The Empire attempts to capture the species of everyone living where Anandra and Santigo end up, but these people live together and share resources.

thatsagoodone11 Says:
Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #3: Darth Maul and Mother Talzin make pretty good points to Dooku. We know that he stays with Sidious due to the events in Episode III, but his conversation with Talzin probably at least got him thinking. A Maul/Dooku team-up is awesome and I wish there were more pages devoted to their fight with the Jedi. I'm not sure how I feel about them running away so quickly (but not without killing Tiplee!)

knoke5 Says:
Destiny: It's not easy to pull-off the far-out stuff, but this show does it quite successfully.
knoke5 Says:
The Disappeared, Part II: Jar Jar Binks and the Temple of Doom
phogbear Says:
The Disappeared, Part I: How does one get to be a representative in the Galactic Senate? I can't see a lot of people voting for Jar Jar. I assume Palpatine is doing some manipulating there.

They almost lost me when Jar Jar was the only one the Queen would talk to, but this wasn't bad. Better than the boring banking arc.
raistlin903 Says:
The Disappeared, Part I: lol... Mace Windu wants to know what the Jar Jar and the girl are doing... perv.... lol....
Alex Daily Says:
The Disappeared, Part I: A Mace Windu/Jar-Jar team-up story? Sign me UP.
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