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1:  What is SWRO
Like many people, I grew up loving star wars. Trying to consume all the media for it, especially in an order that makes sense, can be difficult. This was originally built as just a list, but users of the Complete Marvel Reading Order suggested that it should be made in a similar fashion, where users could check off their reading to keep track of it, as well as get additional informaiton on each title. So the Star Wars Reading Order was born.
2:  What is the Canon EU and what is Legends?
Originally, George Lucas licensed out the Star Wars brand to book publishers, video game companies, comic publishers, and more. All of those titles were considered part of an interconnected overall universe. However when Disney purchased Star Wars and planned new movies that would diverge from what was already printed, they decided to break off the universe. They kept the movies, as well as the Clone Wars cartoon show as being part of the Official expanded universe and declared that everything else would be part of something called Legends universe.
So the Canon Expanded universe is one reality and the Legends universe is another, although they share the movies and Clone Wars tv show between them.
3:  Why Don't You Have [Fill in the Blank]?
It depends. Look at the end of either the Canon EU or Legends order (whcihever you are interested in). If the title you are thinking about is later in the chronology then the last book in that order, then I'm just not there yet. I add listings pretty much every day, so if it isn't in yet, it will be.

If it is for a listing that is from a part of the chronology that I have already passed, there is a chance I missed something, so please post in the forums about it, asking. There are some titles that I am not listing. Some titles, pretty much all video games, have no actual narrative, and so aren't listed (games with a narrative, even those who's narrative is only in cutscenes, are listed however). Books that retell events already in the order, such as novelizations of movies, aren't listed, but you will find them in the supplemental reading section of that movie's listing page. And titles from the Lego "infinity" canon are not listed.
4:  Submitting Content
User contributed content is always wanted, needed, appreciated, and loved. However, to keep there are a few guidelines to the the type of content we are looking for.
    Comments: Comments are more or less free game, express your views on a particular issue, story arc, character, reply to the thoughts of others, or just make observations. The only 2 hard guidelines for comments are:
      1. No flaming or attacking other commenters. Disagreeing and debating is fine but it should not devolve into personal attacks.
      2. As this is an all ages site, please keep the profanity to a most a pg-13 level.
    Reviews:These should be fully thought out and complete reviews. Take a look at some of the reviews in the News & Reviews part of the site to see the quality that is desired. If the review is one or two sentences, it might be more appropriate as a comment rather then a full issue review. Submitted reviews that pass muster will also be featured in the News & Reviews part of the site. Reviews will be edited before pushed live for grammar, spelling, and punctation.
    Synopsis:Issue Synopsis should be complete descriptions of everything that happens in the issue. It does not have to be panel by panel, but there should be enough information for someone checking the synopsis to have a complete understanding of all notable events in the comic. If a review is one or two short paragraphs, it is probably not complete enough to be used. Do not worry about spoilers, synopsis are by their very nature spoilers. Also, leave comments or thoughts on quality of story or art out of synopsis, it is a strict presentation of events. For thoughts and comments, these are more appropriate for reviews or comments. Examples of quality synopsis can be see in in Uncanny X-Men #3 and Incredible Hulk (v1) #2.
    Blurbs: Blurbs are brief teasers for the issue. They should be short and spoiler free while still giving a sense of what the issue is about. These are similar to the back of a book or inside dust cover.
    Suggestions & Questions: This is for anything that is wrong on the issue. Missing or incorrect character and group listings, if a read online option is available from marvel but is not listed, if a creator is wrong, if the issue is in the wrong place, or something else similar to this. When submitting a correction, please include information on what should be done to fix the listing (add this character, move this issue to be after this other issue, etc). If there is a question, it should be sent in an e-mail or in the forums, as there is no way to respond directly to the person who submitted the suggestion. Please be clear in your suggestions. Mention the full name of missing people, put in the correct title if it is wrong, etc.
    Trade/Collection Suggestions: If this book is included in a trade publication or other collected work that might be easier for readers to find then the original issue, it can be suggested here. Make sure to include enough information so the trade publication can be identified.
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