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Title: Star Wars (2015) #1
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Published Date: January 14, 2015
Lindsay Young
February 3, 2016
Star Wars #1 arrives in time to promote the upcoming sequel series, but this comic is all about the original series. Taking place chronolocially between A New Hope and the Empire Strikes Back, Skywalker Strikes is the first ‘book’ in a new series aiming to bridge some of the gaps between films.

Star Wars #1 hits a number of positive notes right off the bat: it features all major characters (those who appeared in A New Hope, anyway) right off the bat, and does so with a bang, opening up on scenes of intrigue and action. There’s a healthy balance of worldbuilding and banter alongside the fast-paced action, but augmenting all of it are the political and character-driven machinations of plot conflict. It’s a tidy first issue that manages to get a lot accomplished in its limited page-space, and it sets up a number of conflicts moving forward that I’m eager to see resolved. It also ends on something of a cliffhanger, and even though (knowing the movies) you know certain characters will survive, it’s still intriguing to read about a young Luke looking to confront Vader before their infamous confrontation in Empire Strikes Back. How would an earlier confrontation affect their canon film one?

The art takes a realist approach, and manages to replicate the original actors’ facial expressions with considerable skill. Oftentimes I feel that the more realistic approach to comics can result in some stiffness, but the art here makes the most of fewer lines, delivering realistic expressions that feel authentic, both to the action and to the actors these characters were created by.

Overall, I really enjoyed Star Wars #1. It accomplishes, perhaps, what its main goal is to do, which is to get me excited about Star Wars again. I also think that this comic would be a good (if not seamless) introduction to the characters for any new fans interested in catching up before the new film. A good read, and a nice effort from Marvel.
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