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Title: Princess Leia #5
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Published Date: July 1, 2015
February 4, 2016
I am no writer, but from a long time reader point of view, I can only imagine that the climax of a story is the hardest thing to write. Or at least the hardest part to get right. It seems even worse when you consider comics because, unless they are rewarded with a double-sized issue, writers only have 20 to 25 pages to bring their story to a satisfying conclusion. And more often than not, it fails. Itís not to say they arenít any creators who manage to cross their tís and dote their iís in a conclusive manner, but Iím pretty sure anyone going through a collection of his favorite arcs will marvel again at incredible plot, setting and conflict only to be treated to an uneven resolution. Whether itís because of a rushed ending, a too-easy solution or crammed answers to everything still in the air, too many writers drop the ball, if only slightly, while composing their final act.

Princess Leia #5 sadly falls in the category of comics with a lacking ending. Just like it was the case with issue #3, it seems way too easy for Leia to succeed as the cavalry arrives at just the right to turn the tide of the battle and transform what was going to be a massacre into a 5-shot victory. I said it then and Iíll say it again, tension is a vital component of any comic plot, especially when you know that the character is going to make it out ok. I will give credits to Waid though. He doesnít leave any dangling plot points, so you donít end up feeling like you have to pick another issue. His characterizations also continue to be this series top draw, as the scene where Leia says farewell to Evaan is done to the perfection. I sure hope, sheís going to pop up again in a future issue of the main title.

The Dodsonsí art is again stellar as it offers magnificent views of space battle and complement the touching charactersí moments. I was pretty turned off by their craft at the beginning of the series, but I have developed a strong fondness for their art and I am really hoping Marvel is gonna trust them with another title soon.

All in all, Princess Leia has been a pleasant ride where we got to discover a bit more about a frankly underused (movie-wise) character. If Marvelís other limited series manage to emulate these standards of quality, Iím not at all worried about the Star Wars lineís glorious future.
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