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Title: Star Wars (2015) #15
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Published Date: January 20, 2016
February 7, 2015
I generally hate filler books. Hate them with an absolute passion. I hate the reserve writers, the substitute artists and the fact the issues have no meaning or point beyond cheaply filling another slot while the main contributors catch up.

Well this is none of those things, it is in fact beautiful, clever, interesting and fills a massive gap in Star Wars history that would never otherwise be filled. We always thought we knew about Lukeís childhood, we filled in our own gaps with thoughts about bullseying wamp-rats in his Skyhopper with Obi-Wan watching from a distance. However this gives us everything and far more than we could have ever expected.

It also raises a lot of questions. The big one for me is how different would the Star Wars universe have been if Obi-Wan had simply kept Luke for his own and raised him from birth as a Jedi. Obviously we will never know, but this is the sort of ideas this book gives us. If he had such plans for the boy, why did he ever give him away in the first place, he could have encouraged him and let him grow far more and faster by controlling everything that he was taught. How much faster would the Emperor have fallen if two fully trained Jedi had infiltrated the Death Star and confronted Vader. Or maybe that is the point, Vaderís death would not have lead to the end of the Empire, it might have actually aided its existence. The Force moves in mysterious ways.

Ultimately, this book doesnít change much or bring us much we did not already expect, but it was a wonderful interlude and one that I think we will come back to later on. The art is absolutely astonishing even if it does make Luke look like a gopher in a few panels. Mike can do that art on any book he wants from now on and if it looks like this, I will buy it. This is must read for any Star Wars fan and anyone who appreciates fantastic art and storytelling.
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