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  Order: #55  

Ruins of Kabus-Dabeh

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Ruins of Kabus-Dabeh
Legends Era: The Old Republic
In-Universe Date: 4,000y BBY
Published In: Tales of the Jedi Companion
Publish Date: August 1, 1996
Published By: West End Games
Pages: 17
Writer (s): Peter M. Schweighofer
Users Read: 11 Users Rated: 9
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The Old Republic: Rebirth of the Sith Empire
Jedi Protector
Ruins of Kabus-Dabeh
Tales of the Jedi #1
Tales of the Jedi #2
The Old Republic:...
Jedi Protector
Tales of the Jedi...
Tales of the Jedi...
Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Keval Raffaan  
  This is Keval Raffaan's only Legends appearance.
Supporting Characters
  This is Cavvie's only Legends appearance.
  This is Ma'tien's only Legends appearance.
  Tallov Kersk  
  This is Tallov Kersk's only Legends appearance.
  This is Togarn's only Legends appearance.
  Vettle Kersk  
  This is Vettle Kersk's only Legends appearance.
Other Characters
  This is Karn's only Legends appearance.
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  The T Says:    
  2017-12-02 09:37:03  
  I never found my way to the end (assuming there is one) because the skill rolls it requires you to make are incredibly demanding? And I'm not going to cheat, so...

You could summarize this story as "A new Jedi recruit faces a series of challenges and eventually dies."

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The T  
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