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  Order: #403  

One Thousand Levels Down

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One Thousand Levels Down
In-Universe Date: 0y ABY
Published In: Star Wars Insider #151
Publish Date: July 22, 2014
Published By: Titan Publishing
Pages: 6
Writer (s): Alexander Freed
Illistrator(s): Joe Corroney, Brian Miller
Users Read: 14 Users Rated: 8
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Character Appearances
Main Characters
  Anandra Milon  
  This is Anandra Milon's only Canon EU appearance.
  Santigo Milon  
  This is Santigo Milon's only Canon EU appearance.
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  thatsagoodone11 Says:    
  2017-12-17 00:15:25  
  This is the street level view of the aftermath of the destruction of Alderaan taking place on Coruscant. All of the varying levels shows just how big and vertical the city is. The two characters didn't capture my attention too much, but it is still cool to see how the events of the films impact the everyday citizens.

I like the overall message that in times of turmoil, people band together. The Empire attempts to capture the species of everyone living where Anandra and Santigo end up, but these people live together and share resources.


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